Zepp Becomes Official Swing Analysis Technology for TC Fastpitch


Triple Crown Sports (TCS), the cutting-edge leader in the youth sports industry, announced today an exclusive partnership with Zepp to become the OfficialSwing Analysis Technology for all Triple Crown Fastpitch events. Together Triple Crown Sports and Zepp are devoted to furthering the development and careers of the most talented amateur players in the country.

The high-tech Zepp swing analysis system will be used in Triple Crown’s softball Testing and Measurements series, set to launch in 2015 during selected TCS events.  The swing analysis station will measure the most important aspects of a swing and allow players to see how they stack up against athletes from across the country.

Zepp offers a powerful set of 3D and video analysis features that give players instant feedback.  It also allows participants to compare their swing analysis to professionals like Jennie Finch.  The Zepp device will be utilized at TCS Testing and Measurement events to asses a player’s bat speed at impact, hand speed and time to impact.

“We are excited to have Zepp as a partner for all of our softball Testing and Measurement events in 2015,” said Keri King, COO of Triple Crown Sports.  “The Zepp swing analysis technology takes our hitting measurement station to the next level. It allows players to see what is actually happening during their swing and then allows them to compare their data and technique to the best hitters in the country.”zepp2

“Zepp shares a mutual goal with Triple Crown Sports of helping all players maximize their potential,” said Jason Fass, CEO of Zepp Labs. “Now coaches and scouts can use Zepp data as a tool to evaluate the nation’s best young talent, and the players can use the metrics to help improve their game.”

About Zepp Labs

Zepp Labs helps athletes and coaches capture and analyze performance data to accelerate learning and improvement. The company focuses on delightingcustomers with simple, helpful and enlightening hardware, software and services. The Zepp multi-sport sensor and training system works for baseball/softball, golf and tennis. Zepp products are sold in thousands of retail stores around the world including Apple, Best Buy and Verizon. For more information, visit www.zepp.com.