TAV claims top spot for second consecutive year

US Club Rankings, based out of Triple Crown Sports and using a blend of criteria to properly assess the world of Club Volleyball, announces the release of its 2014 National and State Club Rankings. The 2014 National Rankings take a club’s placement in national top 100 for each of the past five years in ages 14-18 and awards points for each team a club places in the top 100. The State Rankings take a club’s top 100 state rankings for 2014 in ages 14-18 and awards points for each team a club places in the top 100.

In terms of volume in the top 100, clubs in California, Illinois and Texas had a very successful run. Here are some highlights from California’s results:

1. As No. 4 overall, Vision is the top California club in the national rankings.
2. Coast Volleyball makes the difficult jump into the National top 10, moving from No. 12 to No. 9.
3. Tstreet also makes a significant push, moving from 21st in 2013 to 15th in 2014.
4. Other California clubs on the advance include Laguna Beach, Wave, Club West, Rancho Valley, SG Elite, Rage, Five Star and Red Rock.
5. Goldenwest and Delta Valley increase their profiles by cracking the top 100.


1. Sports Performance flexed its muscle as the top club in the region and a 6th-place ranking nationally.
2. 1st Alliance sits just outside the top 10 club in the nation at 11th overall.
3. Clubs moving up in the ranking include Rockwood Thunder, Ultimate and Wildcats Jrs.

1. For the second consecutive year, the top club in the USA is Texas Advantage.
2. Skyline stays strong this year at 5th.
3. Austin Juniors improves from 15st in 2013 to 13th in 2014.
4. Making one of the biggest jumps in the poll is Absolute Volleyball, moving from 31st in 2013 to 23rd in 2014.
5. Other clubs on the rise are Alamo, Houston Jr’s, SA Force, Austin Performance, Tejas, Asics Willowbrook, Tribe and Texas Tornados.
6. Special recognition goes to SA Magic for cracking the top 100 in a big way and placing 80th.

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