Triple Crown Sports has always taken pride in giving teams a memorable experience at our tournaments, and we know there are a million interesting individual stories on those rosters.

We’d like to shine a brighter light on the players and coaches who bring their talent and passion for life to Triple Crown’s events in fastpitch, baseball, basketball and volleyball. If you know of someone with an intriguing backstory, or who leads an active life both on and off the field of play, you can bet others would be interested.

Have them fill out this Q&A form (or do it yourself as a parent/guardian), attach a JPEG photo (preferably a horizontal action photo) and we will assemble the stories our customers enjoy reading. The only requirement is the person must have participated in a Triple Crown event in 2015.

Selected Q&A’s will appear on the TCS blog, and through our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Please note the required information boxes, and just take a moment to answer the other questions and tell us what makes you tick!

Player or Coach Name (required)

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1) Tell us what you like the most about your sport and your team – what keeps you coming back even after demanding workouts or tough losses?

2) Did you or your team have any unusual experiences this year? What happened that turned out to be funny or memorable?

3) Your life as an athlete or coach isn’t the only thing that defines you. What are your other interests? How else do you like to spend your time?

4) For athletes – is there a career you would like to pursue when you get older? Do you have specific ideas about attending college?

5) For coaches – what got you interested in working with kids? What’s your own athletic background and history?

6) Please add anything else (family, travel, work accomplishments) that tells us more about you.

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