14u Dallas Tigers sweep path to TCSB D-I crown

Backed by a potent offense and more than a few excellent turns on the pitching mound, the 14u Dallas Tigers went 8-0 at the TCSB Division I championships, wrapping up the title Sunday at Council Bluffs Recreation Complex with two wins against the Building Champions Navy (KS).

Game 1 was a 7-3 win for the Tigers, and Game 2 closed with a score of 7-2. The Tigers outscored their opponents by a margin of 83-21 at the event.

“We pitched well and had several guys contribute. We did the little things, manufactured several runs and the guys came out and took care of business,” said Tigers coach Chris Godwin. “At this point, we’re in our 60th game with another 30 or 40 to come, so it’s about continuing to grind. Remembering where we started in December and not losing sight of that … don’t get content, which is easy to do when you win a few tournaments.

“This was a fun event, good times. It’d always fun to meet other players and families from other parts of the (country), and the College World Series is an awesome experience, part of the dreams a lot of these guys have.”